Technical strength

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Technical strength

The R&D center, which was founded in 1999, is supported by experts and professors from Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and many other high education institutions, with doctoral students and graduate students as the backbone, the center has strong technical force, advanced equipments, and complete sets of production equipments for the biological and chemical industry from small test, middle test to industrial production. The R&D center has been committed to the technical development and research of non-grain ethanol, new chemical materials, hydrogen production, and chemical recycling. It has three scientific research platforms: Hebei Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, Provincial Non-grain Ethanol Technology Center, and Provincial Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base, as well as two innovative talent teams, the Hebei "Giant Plan" innovation and entrepreneurship team and the Tangshan City Cellulose Ethanol Technology Innovation Team. 


The center has high-end technical talents such as doctors, masters and senior engineers which was graduated from scientific research institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang University, Tianjin University, East China University of Technology, Dalian University of Technology, etc. We have established in-depth industry-university-research cooperation relations with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other top domestic universities and research institutions. The center has 62 scientific researchers, including 2 senior engineers, 5 senior engineers, 1 postdoctoral, 4 doctors, and 10 masters,others are talents which have bachelor degree or above or with related professional and technical expertise.


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