The principle of alcohol disinfection

Alcohol with a great ability to penetrate the membrane on the surface of bacteria and enter the inside of bacteria. Killing the bacteria by Dehydrating, coagulating and denaturing proteins that constitute the basis of bacterial life. The virus is composed of genetic material (DNA or RNA) and protein capsid. 75% alcohol can let them died by coagulating protein. Nevertheless, too high concentration of alcohol will form a protective film on the surface of bacteria or viruses to prevent them from entering the body. In contrast, too low alcohol concentration will not be able to dehydrate, coagulate and denature the protein. The effectiveness of disinfectant won’t be appearing.

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Tips for alcohol disinfection methods:

General using occasions and methods of alcohol disinfectant :

1.Home disinfection

 Use it wipes and disinfects partial body. For instance, wipe and disinfect our hands. But do not spray alcohol to our body with large area.

Wipe door handles, tables, chairs, floors, etc., but do not use it too much on a large area once.

Surface disinfection of mobile phones, glasses, various remote controls, children's toys and other items can be wiped directly with alcohol wipes, or with a cotton ball dipped in 75% alcohol.

Pay attention to the above-mentioned tips.The mainly using method is wiping. Spray less even not. Especially do not spray in a confined space. Otherwise,use it under ventilated conditions such as opening windows. Use tap water to wash off the alcohol after using towels, rags, or cotton balls. 

 2.Disinfection of workplaces :

Office desks, chairs, and floors can be wiped and disinfected with alcohol disinfectant. Just like home disinfection. Do not using too much alcohol on a large area once.Use it under ventilated conditions such as opening windows.

Surface disinfection of mouse and keyboard can be wiped directly with alcohol wipes, or with a cotton ball dipped in 75% alcohol.

 3.Public places:

Portable alcohol wipes can be used on door handles, elevator buttons, and the places where hands will be touched. Alcohol wipes can be used to disinfect your hands as well.

4.Disinfect when we backing home

What if you went through the place where is higher risks. Firstly, remove the mask when you got home. Spray disinfectant alcohol on the outside of the mask, fold the mask in half, fasten it and toss it into the trash can to avoid secondary pollution. Meanwhile, the surface of clothes, shoes and the glasses can be wiped with 75% alcohol disinfectant . The soles can be sprayed directly with 75% alcohol , and then hung on the balcony and other ventilated places to dry.

Attention pleases, masks cannot be reused after being disinfected with alcohol. The reason is alcohol will damage the non-woven structure of the mask. In theory, it may kill the germs of the surface of mask, but it also destroys the structure of mask. The protective effectiveness of masks is greatly reduced.

5.Outdoor spray disinfection must be prohibited flames to prevent the risk of burning due to excessive spray concentration.

6.No spray a lot in confined spaces.

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