Strengthen investor relations management and protect investors’ rights and interests (May 15, 2019)

In order to protect the rights and interests of investors, investor relations management should mainly do the following key tasks:

The first one is to do a good job in information disclosure and avoid selective disclosure. The core of IR’s work is information disclosure. Information disclosure of listed companies should adhere to the principle of equal opportunity for investors, that is, companies should treat all shareholders and potential investors fairly and avoid selective information disclosure. The information publicly disclosed by a listed company on other occasions (including the on-site shareholder meeting) shall not precede the information disclosed on the designated website. Listed companies should pay attention to the confidentiality of unpublished information and other internal information. Once there is a leak, the company should disclose it in a timely manner in accordance with relevant regulations. In order to avoid the possibility of selective information disclosure in one-to-one communication, listed companies can publish relevant audio-visual and written records of one-to-one communication on the company’s website, and can also invite news organizations to participate in one-to-one communication activities and make reports.

The second one is to do a good job of interacting with investors. The means of IR work are information disclosure, exchangement of ideas and communication. Communication means not only “speaking” but also “listening”, that is, listening to investors’ opinions and communicating these opinions to the company’s management.

The third one is to do a good job in crisis response and handling. First of all, crisis response and handling must follow the principle of proactive confrontation. When a crisis occurs, listed companies should immediately assume the responsibility of the first source of information, actively cooperate with media interviews and public questions, and grasp the initiative to release information to the outside world. Secondly, another principle of crisis response and handling is the principle of rapid response. The company must understand the crisis immediately, determine the nature of the crisis, and understand the facts through smooth internal communication mechanisms, react quickly, release positive information, and calm investor sentiment. The company must formulate crisis plans in advance and prepare the corresponding response plan for the common crisis.

The issue of investor protection is a long-term issue. There are different requirements at different stages. There is no end to investor protection. The responsibility for protecting the rights and interests of investors in the capital market is heavier than Mount Tai.

In order to strengthen the protection of investors’ rights and interests and enhance the awareness of investors’ rights protection, and to make the concept of investor protection deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the Investor Protection Bureau of the China Securities Regulatory Commission established the “5.15 National Investor Protection Publicity Day” to create a long-term mechanism for investor protection.

Zhongrong Technology Co., Ltd. is willing to work with all sectors of the society to actively respond to the call of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, standardize corporate governance, improve investor relations management, and effectively protect investors’ rights and interests.

Post time: Nov-09-2020

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