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Foam Antibacterial hand sanitizer now

Natural Amino Acid Formula, skin-friendly without hurting your skin

The difference between foam hand sanitizer and a regular hand sanitizer

1 Foam hand sanitizer has the same ingredients as regular hand sanitizer except that it is already foam when it is extruded.  

People will find that ordinary hand sanitizer is particularly easy to be freeze in cold weather.  In normal weather, it should be squeezed out and takes a lot of water to flush.  There won’t be cross infect with soap.  But foam hand sanitizer, through the magic pump head, are pressed directly out of the rich foam, it is more convenient to clean hands, especially fast flushing, only using half of the water of ordinary hand sanitizer.  

Product description

Foam hand sanitizer is very easy to use:

1. the pump head extruded is foam, leaving out the process of dipping water, washing and foaming.  

2. dosage saving: each time usage is only half the amount as ordinary hand sanitizer.  

3. double effect: direct foaming, not easy to fall during the middle part, make full use of the effective ingredients in the foam, greatly improve the cleaning, sterilization, moisture effect.  

Matters needing attention:

1. When using hand sanitizer, do not press too much at a time, pay attention to rub the finger tips and fingers, and let the foam cover all parts of the whole hand, rub the hands together for more than 30 seconds, and then rinse with water for no less than 15 seconds,until hands clean enough without hand sanitizer left on hands, then to use clean dry towel or paper towel to wipe, had better not dry, lest skin part dehydrates.  

2. When you wash your hands, don't just rub the hand sanitizer and wash it away with water,  Use hand sanitizer for 30 seconds before it penetrates to the surface of your skin.  Dry naturally after washing without touching anything.  In addition, if your hands are dry within 10-15 seconds, the liquid and hand sanitizer have not penetrated deeply enough and need to be used more deeply.  

3. Hands usually feel dry after using hand sanitizer. People who often use hand sanitizer can apply some moisturizing hand cream after using it.  

And sometimes hand sanitizers aren't as effective as soap.  For example, when hands are visibly dirty or bleeding from cuts, soap is far more effective than hand sanitizer.  

Our hand wash soap is also suitable for children and ladies as well as sensitive skin.

The hand wash soap can effectively kill bacteria against Escherichia coli and Golden Grape Balls Bacteria(99.9% inhibition rate)

New magic Pump head, rich foam, less consumption, easy to wash, and no residue



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