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Core Team

Mrs. Dai Shumei: Legal Representative, CEO, Senior Engineer, EMBA Master degree from Tsinghua University, Bachelor degree from Zhejiang University. Executive member of China Woman Entrepreneur Association, NPC delegation. Expert from Hebei province Science Bureau Scientific achievements judge expert bank. Owning 11 authorized patent and 6 provincial scientific achievements. First inventor of 6 authorized patent for acetic acid making ethanol technology. Acquired 20 national, provincial award. 


James Fang: US nationality senior leading biological fuel field, doctor degree from Cincinnati University, post-doctor from US Risk Manage Research Lab of National Environmental Protection Bureau. Our company chief scientist and general craftsmanship engineer. Winner of 2008 “Science Achievement” Award from US Environment Protection Bureau. General engineer in charge of factory trial operation of fibre ethanol trail production device setup with $66 million US total investment and engineering design & craftsmanship development of 90,000 ton fibre ethanol annual production with over $200 million. Experience and successfully lead ground-breaking R&D including enlarge of commercial production progress, industrial design, engineering build, device launch and factory operation.

Mrs. Li Qiuyuan: Secretary for Board of Director, Director of R&D, Master degree of Biochemical from Zhejiang University, senior engineer. Before has taken technician, manager of Tangshan Pharmaceutical plant, vice production manager of joint venture techbio biology engineering ltd. 


Mr. Yang Chunhui: vice GM, production manager, bachelor degree of chemical from Tianjin University, senior engineer. Before had taken craftsman of Tangshan Pharmaceutical antibiotic subsidiary, be in charge of craftsmanship for pharmaceutical.

Mr. Dai Shuzhong: Board of Director, before had taken sales manager of Hebei solvent ltd. Factory director of Tangshan Meiyuan Wine factory. Sales manager of Tangshan soul fireproof material ltd.


Mrs. Yang Xiaoqing: GM Assistant, Master of financial investment major from University of Exeter, MBA from University of OKC. Before had taken CEO, senior researcher of Gold Mind Investment Consultancy ltd.


Mr. Wang Tianshuang: General Engineer, bachelor degree, senior engineer. Before had taken technician, vice factory manager of Hebei Fengrun Fertilizer Plant, Factory manager of Lida Coal Plant, technical manager of Hebei Xuyang Chemical Group, general engineer of Hebei solvent ltd.

Mr. Wu Chaoyong: Doctor degree from China Science Academy, director of R&D center, innovation model of Hebei scientific enterprise

Mrs. Hu Caijing: bachelor of fine chemical major from Zhengzhou Light Industry College, senior engineer. Having 20 years’ experience of purchase and sales.

Team Building

Staff Training: Zhongrong Enterprise Culture and Discussion

Whole staff training

All staff examination, required over 90 points for all job title


Team Building

2019 Zhongrong Technology 32km Hiking

2019 Zhongrong Technology Winter Sports Meeting


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