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Ethanol absolute refers to the aqueous solution of Ethanol with high purity. In general, it is called anhydrous ethanol with a concentration of 99.5%. Anhydrous ethanol is a mixture of ethanol and water.

Physical properties for Anhydrous Ethanol

Appearance & properties: colorless liquid with special fragrance.

Melting point (℃) : 114.1

Relative density (water =1):0.79

Boiling point (℃) : 78.3

Relative vapor density (air =1):1.59

Volatility: Volatile

The refractive index: 1.3611 (20 ℃)

Properties: Ethanol with purity up to 99.5% (ethanol with purity up to 99.99% is called absolute ethanol)

Molecular formula: C H ₂ ₆ O

Molecular weight: 46.07

Saturated vapor pressure (kPa):5.33(19℃)

Heat of combustion (kJ/mol) : 1365.5

Critical temperature (℃):243.1

Critical pressure (MPa):6.38

Logarithm of octanol/water partition coefficient :0.32

Flash point (℃) : 12

Explosion limit %(V/V):19.0

Ignition temperature (℃):363

Lower explosive limit %(V/V):3.3

Solubility: soluble with water to any ratio, can be mixed in ether, chloroform, glycerin and other organic solvents

 Chemistry Properties

Elimination reaction Anhydrous ethanol is heated to 170℃ in concentrated sulfuric acid to produce ethylene. Concentrated sulfuric acid is used as dehydrating agent and catalyst.

Substitution reaction Anhydrous ethanol reacts with hydrobromic acid under heating conditions to form bromoethane and water.

Intermolecular dehydrated anhydrous ethanol was heated to 140℃ in concentrated sulfuric acid to produce ether and water.

Esterification reaction Anhydrous ethanol and carboxylic acid can be heated in the presence of concentrated sulfuric acid to form corresponding ester compounds.

Reaction with metallic sodium Anhydrous ethanol reacts with metallic sodium to produce sodium glycolate and hydrogen gas.

Ethanol reacts with a solution of acid potassium permanganate or acid potassium dichromate to oxidize to acetic acid.

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