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Zhongrong Technology Corporation Ltd

Promote social progress through sustainable science innovation

About us

Who we are

Zhongrong Technology Corporation Co., Ltd. (stock code: 836455), was established in 1999 which is one of Chinese National High-Tech enterprises specializing in the R&D, production and marketing of non-grain ethanol with its downstream products. It is the largest non-grain ethanol manufacturer in China, and the largest acetate manufacturer in North of China and North-East China. The products have been sold to both domestic markets and Asian, European countries with the annual turnover USD150 million. It has two wholly-owned subsidiary companies, Tangshan Zhongrong Technology Co., Ltd and Shanghai Zhongrong Technology Co., Ltd.


What we do

We focus on the fields of biochemical industry, pharmaceutical chemicals, fine chemicals and new energy with the mission of promoting social progress through sustainable science innovation concentrating on the R&D, production, marketing of non-grain ethanol as well as its upstream and downstream products, and devote to be the most competitive supplier of non-grain ethanol. 

Why Choose Us

Zhongrong Technology Corporation Ltd. owns 3 Provincial R&D Center and has obtained more than 11 scientific and technological achievements which are above the domestic leading levels, as well as over 42 international & domestic patents. It’s great honor that we have undertaken the National Torch Program and the National Key New Product Program. We are the first company in China to develop non-grain ethanol and make achievements as well as related patents. We have senior management and technology talents from many famous universities, and have become the initiator and constitutor of China ethyl ethanol industry standard.


Zhongrong Technology is the executive director unit of China Alcohol Association, the director unit of China Green Development Alliance, and the technological innovation demonstration enterprise in China's petroleum and chemical industries. Over the years, we have accumulated sufficient long-term cooperative customers and formed a wide sales network system, which not only covers the whole country, but also exports to Asian, European and South American markets. In addition to traditional Internet sales promotion, the company also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with a large-scale chemical product integrated platform to allow the company's products to serve more customers. We hope people with lofty ideals can become our clients.

Our strategy

Based on non-grain ethanol, we are promoting the construction of ethanol production project using steel industry tail gas, and developing of cellulosic ethanol technology, realizing the implementation of economic feasible industrialization, and panning to reach 1 million tons of ethyl ethanol production capacity within 3-5 years. At the same time, we are using tail gas to extract hydrogen, researching on high value-added downstream applications of hydrogen energy, and building a clean energy base.

Production capacity display

The company mainly focuses on two types of technological routes: chemical and biological processes. Among them, an annual production of 300,000 tons fuel ethanol production equipment using steel industry tail gas , an annual output of 15,000 tons of ethyl ethanol demonstration device using biogas, and 10,000 tons of 1,6-hexane equipment devices are our independent innovation  technology developed in the past five years.
Current production capacity: 150,000 tons of Ethyl Ethanol, 300,000 tons of Ethyl Acetate, 50,000 tons of Edible Alcohol, 15,000 tons of N-propyl acetate, 10,000 tons of 1,6-hexanediol, and 4000 tons of Enzyme.


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