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Ethanol,also called as Ethyl Alcohol, it’s molecular formula is C2H5OH, also written as EtOH,and Et stands for ethyl. Ethanol with a mass fraction of 99.5% or more is called anhydrous ethanol. Ethanol is a kind of alcohol, is the main ingredient of wine, commonly known as alcohol, it is a flammable, volatile colorless transparent liquid at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, its aqueous solution has a special, pleasant fragrance, and slightly irritating. Ethanol is less dense than water and can be intersoluble with water at any ratio (generally not used as an extractant).

Use:Ethanol is widely used to produce acetic acid, beverages, flavors, dyes, fuels and so on. In medical treatment, alcohol with a volume fraction of 70% to 75% is also commonly used as a disinfectant. Ethanol is an important solvent, which can dissolve a variety of organic and inorganic matter. Ethanol is also used to make other compounds.

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Strictly in accordance with the enterprise standard "anhydrous ethanol (Q/RJDRJ 03-2012)" organization production.

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Be honored as one of Chinese High-Tech enterprises,ZhongRong Technology Corporation Ltd.(stock code:836455) is specialized in the fields of Biochemical, Pharmaceutical Chemicals,Fine Chemicals and New Energy. Based on mission “promote society progress by sustainableinnovation” , the company concentrates on R&D, production and marketing of ethanol as wellas its upstream and downstream productions over twenty years, and devotes itself to beingthe most competitive supplier for non-grain ethanol.

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